Help me find the Glazed Expresso Matinee!!

  1. I'm dying for the Glazed Expresso mainee but I cannot find it ANYWHERE!! Lunaboston carried them for a while but are out and they said that they aren't going to be able to get any of them since Rebecca changes the leather alot. Please please help me find this bag!! ;)
  2. Mockinglee! Love the new clutch! Are you already using it??

    Not yet, GUNG! Just got so excited that I set it as my avatar. It's been modeling for me all morning, though. I went out to the salon today and thought about taking it with me but decided to keep it AWAY from hair bits.
  4. Looks like its back up to $610! >.<

    I wish I had that expendable income! haha
  5. If you're still looking, there's one right now on the 'bay for a very reasonable BIN price.
  6. Keep in mind if you buy from Petulia's Folly, there are NO RETURNS on sale items. I had bought the Glazed Espresso, but 2 minutes later I changed my mind... I've never seen a matinee and god forbid I get something that i hate. hahha.
  7. Here's one on eBay. :nuts: