Help me find the best deals on color stams, please

  1. Hey gals, I have a cashew hobo and alot of black, so I would like to get a good deal on a stam with some color in it. I saw the purple metallic at shop zoe for 825$. Anyone seen a colorful stam for cheaper? I love the Topaz and even the python stams. I just need the best deal possible. Poor returning college student with champagne taste. lol

    Thanks for all your help.

    I've looked on eBay and seen some good items, but I think I can get better deals on New stams at NR, Neimans and Saks, even bloomies and Barneys. just don't have all the sales the ny and cali girls do in michigan.
  2. I've been sad that there haven't been any really good sales lately. However, keep your eye on the sale thread here and I'm sure you'll find what you are looking for soon. Good luck!
  3. thanks bag addict.

    it's my goal to get a good deal on a stam.

    i'll keep my eyes peeled.
  4. Me too.... I'm looking for a good deaL on a Stam!
  5. the friends and family sales for the big department stores should be coming up within the next few months before the holiday season, if i remember correctly. i usually get great deals on mj bags then.
  6. great...I'll wait for that sales event!