Help me find something if you can

  1. Hi everyone...I am looking for a keyholder not a keychain. I need to hold maybe four/five keys on it. I want to be able to protect the inside of my delicate bags from getting scratched up. Do you have any favorites out there or ideas for me?

    I would love to see pictures or send me a link or website or name I and I would do they leg work. Any help is most appreciate.

    Have a beautiful day!:flowers:
  2. Bearn Keycase from your favorite brand (it will match your Bearn purse!):


    Or how about the 'In The Pocket' stuff in natural Barenia. As for pics, I'm sure you can get it from your Monde d'Hermès book.
  3. Bee...Bee thank you for the are killing me!!! Why do you think I left the Hermes subforum. Hee hee. I love it, but wanted to see some lower price range options before I kill myself!

    Jenn83 I am going there now to see what you posted. Thank you.
  4. i like this prada very much
    Bottega Veneta
    The classic Burberry check!

    P.S. that Hermès one is to die for!
  5. mischa you are a doll...thank you so much for the pics!!!

    I love the Hermes one, but not the's like $650. Yikes! A gril has to fraw the line somewhere.
  6. you're welcome!!!!:flowers::flowers:
    hope you'll find the perfect one!:heart:
  7. here's my Dior key holder, from the Dior Flight collection :flowers:. it can hold 4 keys, so i use one of the rings for my car engine starter.
    dior key holder.jpg
  8. yeux, that is so nice and tiny too.

    I need to search some prices...if I need help I will be asking. Back later. Any other pics keep them coming! Thank you.
  9. Handcrafted leather from C L Whiting :smile:

    Key fob coin purse;
    Key case
    CL Whiting key case.jpg
  10. I like the Damier one from LV, it's cute and its' pretty cheap :smile:
  11. ladystara I am going to see that one now as well. Decision time soon.
  12. I wonder if there are any cute ones on ebay. Right now I'm using a off-white Guccisima coin purse that I got on sale at Neimans :smile: