Help me find some products!! Please!

Oct 2, 2007
Atlanta, GA
I am almost 30 and my skin has stated to act crazy--I am getting fine lines on my forehead with occasional breakouts but dry skin on my chin and cheeks.

I tried Philosophy Purity cleanser and Hope in a Jar mosturizer but I don't like the way either of them make my skin look (and I HATE the way Hope in a Jar smells)

Can anyone suggest a cleanser that deep cleaning but gentle enough to use around my eyes (and remove my eye makeup) ?

Can anyone suggest a mosturizer with a good SPF that will help with fine lines but not clog my pores?

I was thining about Dermatologica--any suggestions?? Help!


Nov 19, 2006
I post this all the time here ;) but i love Neutrogena Fresh foaming cleanser (in blue pump). Its under $10, suds up nicely but not drying at all. It also can be used on eyes to remove eye makeup so you don't have to do that step. I love it and have been using it for a couple years now. Now neutrogena also has moisterizers w/sunscreen but I'm not crazy about them but it's worth it for you to try.
Good luck! One more thing, don't forget to exfoliate - at least 1x week. That removes dead skin.


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Nov 2, 2006
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Try Purpose face wash that you can get right at CVS! Its very gentile, doesn't dry me out, yet removes ALL my makeup - including eye makeup! I love it and the price is right.


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May 16, 2008
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For getting rid of fine lines, Olay Total Effects (if in your 30s) or Olay Regenerist (if in your 40s). I use Total Effects, have repurchased, and swear by their moisturizers, 2 of which have sunscreen. I still get my ID checked though I'm 20+ yrs too old for that kind of thing!

For a cleanser, my fav so far is Wei East China Herbal Cleanser which I got from Just love the way it leaves my skin, baby soft and thoroughly cleansed, though the packaging doesn't speak for itself. It's a little pricey for a cleanser though, I'm on the lookout for a similar product but maybe half the price. I used to use Purity Made Simple by Philosophy too, initially it was good (not great) but a year later my face started breaking out like a teenager. I might even give Olay TE cleanser a shot once I'm done with my Wei East.


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May 18, 2007
London, England
i have recently tried olay definity and i am really impressed. it's a very creamy cleanser and but it also gently exfoliates. it definatley makes my skin look brighter and hopefully gives me back my youthful glow! i would also tone after this esp your t-zone to get it to calm down.

for moisturiser i would try estee daywear which is packed full of antioxidants and SPF. you can get three types depending on if you need lotion, cream or creme. it's very light and absorbs well.

the other thing you could do is treat your forehead completely differently and apply a face wash/face cream for oily skin there and treat your dry skin on your face with creamier/nourishing products.


Dec 9, 2006
I like Fresh Soy Cleanser. I thought the rose smell was weird at first but now I love it and its seems to really balance my dry skin.