Help me find some dress flats!

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  1. I need your help guys! Its very important for me to find some black dress flats SOON now that I've been looking for a job/internship. The heels I own are not appropriate for interviews and I refuse to buy heels less than 3.5". What makes it so difficult is that I wear a size 5/5.5, and either I can never find a style I like (I like buckles on the toe) and if I do, they dont have my size!

    What can you dig up for me guys? :graucho: Price preferably $60-70, but try me. Brand doesnt matter, but I did some a style by BCBG that I loved!
  2. Still on the hunt and no luck, BUT I did find these Chinese Laundry flats that are perfect! Only problem: I cant find them in my size! :sad: endless was out of stock in 5.5..


    What do you think?

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