Help me find some blue jeans that fit!


Mar 9, 2006
Ok ladies...I have tried countless jeans on without luck so I am coming to the experts.

I am 5'1" and very curvy. I have full thighs (athletic type of a gymnast, but not as firm...hee hee), a round bootie (I have been told there is a black woman trapped in a white woman's body here), and a small waist.

My problem is to find jeans to go over my thighs and bootie then cause a huge gap once up in my waist. It looks like someone else could jump in on the waist. I also have problems with the length of course unless I find short sizes.

Does anyone else have this problem...can you help me at all?

The last three pairs I bought seemed ok, but once I wore them they stretched out too much and now they seem way too big on me.

Any help is appreciated!
I have the same problem!! I just bought a pair of BR jeans (boot-cut for curvy figures) and they are stretching out on me too. Plus they're like 6 inches too long. Someone once told me to try Silver's, but I didn't like any of their styles when I looked a few years ago. I've also been told just to get them tailored to fit.
i have curves too, and i like citizens of humanity. they have more give in the thighs and butt than sevens, but still give that great look and fit. made for us girls with a little booty! the kelly style seems to fit most people, i think its their basic fit, but i haven't found a style that hasn't fit me. good luck!
have you tried AG Jeans? Oprah went nuts for them last fallon her Jean intervention show. The club jean by AG is great for girls with curves or, if you can find them, The AG Rider jean(discontinued but some still around). Dont worry about the length, most normal people have to have designer jeans hemmed. Don't put them in the dryer though, after you get them to fit just right. "Paper Denim" is another line I love. I'm 5ft1inch and try to keep fit but I do have a rear. These two lines have worked for me.
Good Luck
I too am 5'1" and curvy! I love AG (Angel) and Citizens jeans (Kelly and Ingrid). Seven Dojo jeans and Paige jeans are also great. They fit your curves without the giant gap in the waist. But no matter which jeans I buy, I always have to have them taliored to fit perfectly and to shorten them.
I knew you all would help me!

I can't tell youhow much I appreciate it.

I am on the hunt now to find these brands and get a good fit. I am crossing my fingers!

Love you guys.