help me find sindication

  1. Is it near Windward mall? I'm not sure where the post office is nor do I know where 808 tattoo is.
  2. It's by that Chinese (I think) restaurant and the post office....and it's upstairs. I do'nt think they have a huge sign...but last time I went they didn't even have that much stuff...but idk...
  3. the mui kwai restaurant? Did they have jewelry?
  4. its across the street from jamba juice and starbucks at the kaneohe bay shopping center

    you'll see a zippys next to windward mall
    and next to that is the post office
    right next to the post office is a building where sindication is at
    and you just walk up the stairs and its right there

    i think last time i saw there was a banner up on the railing saying "sindication"

    sorry if my directions are bad ><
    im not too good at directions

    but they do sell jewelery, hats, some shirts, jackets, boards and vinyls

    the owner of the store is extremely friendly
  5. Actually, I went when they were closed so I was just looking in from the window. I'm not sure if they had jewelry. The place looked pretty bare though, all I really saw were the decks and some other small toki stuff. For sure, Chic Icon has stuff though...I would try there first before going to Sindication and being disappointed. Well, unless they got new stuff in...idk.
  6. April (the owner) is totally sweet, and has the most adorable toki sleeve tattoo, I loves it.

    But yeah, there isn't really a huge selection there, the last time I went there were a few shirts, hats, and the Adios and Ciao Ciao dolls and some of the decks and a couple pieces of jewelry I believe.