Help me find shoes for this dress!!!

  1. Hey ladies- Ok I just bought a really cute dress and am waiting for it to arrive. I need a hot pair of shoes to go with it. But I am difficult- so I really need your help.

    First off all, I've been spending like a fiend so I can't spend more than $250 (you can post anything under $300 though :shame:smile:

    Secondly, I really want a pair of red shoes with this!! So either red or post some black closed or peep toed heels. Red is a color I would wear often though and I think it would look so sexy

    Thirdly, I am 5'10. Vlad is 6'1 and I REFUSE to be taller than him. So while I don't need flats (and I prefer no kitten heels for something this hot) the heel must be under 3", preferably 2.5".

    Is it difficult enough yet?!?! So help me out ladies!!!!! :wlae:

    PLEAaaaaaaaseeeeeeeee :tender:
  2. What shoe size are you?
  3. Haha... oh yea... that would help!!

    I range from a 9-10. My feet are actually narrow- I don't have long toes- hence I can fit in some 9's and 9.5's.

    This is difficult isn't it?!
  4. Gorgeous dress Megs!!!:heart: Make sure the shoes are simple!!! I see a delicate sandal with that dress!:smile: Good luck!!;)
  5. Megs have you checked out

    Heading over now to help you find something :smile:
  6. ^^^^ Edsbgrl- I loveee the first pair!!!!! In fact, I think I shall nab the first pair-

    Thanks for the suggestions ladies- bright red is exactly what I was going for!!!!
  7. ^^^^Glad you like, Megs :P Happy to help :smile:
  8. [​IMG]
  9. edsbgirl has some very cute suggestions! I love the 3rd one =)
  10. that dress is a great choice, Megs!!!!
    i like the Steven Maddens and the first pair edsbgirl suggested!!!!:queen::supacool:
  11. These don't meet your height requirement, but are really cute:


    [​IMG] - Giselle for $275.
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