Help me find shoes for my birthday party outfit

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  1. Definitely the Nine West pair!!! The others are a bit chunky. I love that dress by the way. Happy birthday!
  2. ^ I agree with the Nine West pr...cute! Have fun;)
  3. I think they're all wrong for a velvet dress. If you're looking for something inexpensive from Nine West that lots more that look much better.
  4. I really like the Nine West shoes with the dress.
  5. The 9 West, the rest are too casual.
  6. i don't like any of those....a simple black pump would be better. the dress has draps and stuff..the shoes should be simple/minimum. btw, i wouldn't do legging like the model did...i would do stockings opaque black.
  7. I agree - black stockings not leggings!
  8. I agree. 9 west. :smile: