help me find really super comfy flats & boots

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  1. I have skinny, bony feet w/narrow heels (so everything gives me blisters) and a couple years ago I broke my foot right across the ball of my foot. I have the hardest time finding any shoes that are comfy so I live in uggs and sneakers.

    I want to find some really comfy, cute , fashionable flats (especially black, brown, pewter etc...things that would match a lot).

    Also would love some cute boots to wear with pants (ironically I have really huge calves even though I have skinny feet lol)...

    Any brands that you love?

    (I know I totally just made myself sound hideous but hopefully its only from the knees down :roflmfao:)
  2. For flats, you could try Chanel's cambon ballet flats. I've heard good things about their flats, but you always have to buy the right size. Not too tight.

    Sue London flats look like they wouldn't hurt you (i think they're made of satin or silk? Thin material?) and they come in all these different cool colors and shades, but I don't know that they'd be exactly comfortable.
  3. I have a narrow foot and I live and die by Tory Burch's shoes. I wear the Revas and flip flops to work in the warmer weather and boots in the colder.

    My most comfortable pair of stiletto boots came from J Crew. My co-worker swears by Faryl Robin boots for a great boot she can work 8 hours standing in.

    And for a pretty good steal, you can always find Hollywould shoes on major sale at like Zappos. I have a couple of pairs of her espadrilles and they are so cushioned and comfortable. I also like that like TB shoes, they have a rubber sole. I have a love and hate relationship with leather soles, sometimes I don't get enough traction.
  4. for flats: coach, tory burch, lanvin

    for boots: aldo, chinese laundry
  5. Totally agree w/ Tory burch for flats and flip flops...
  6. The most comfortable flats I've ever worn, hands down, are French Sole. The leather is super soft, so I can't imagine them giving anyone blisters. Just stay away from the French Sole flats that have rubber soles... some of the cheaper models have rubber instead of leather soles. The leather soles are so much better.
  7. Lanvin (straight-out-of-the-box comfortable!), Tory Burch (takes some time breaking-it-in, then becomes ultra comfortable)

    For my feet, Chanel flats aren't very comfortable at all.
  8. For flats try either french sole or me too. I recently spent a ton of money on some higher end flats and really wish I would have saved it and just bought the me too ones. They breathe really well, have lot of cushioning, and no blisters ever. They make boots too but I haven't tried them yet.
  9. I have narrow feet and I love Lanvin flats - super comfy from the start!
  10. I have narrow feet too and I love my Mark by Mark Jacobs flat, so comfy.