Help me find Paris' top...

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  1. I stole this picture from the celeb looks like Primp...but I can find it anywhere on the internet. helllllp! I think it's so cute.:love:
  2. You're looking for the thermal right Danica? If so, you're right, it is Primp :yes: It looks like the pony thermal, which came out awhile ago, so it may be sold out.

    I heard that Forever 21 has very similar thermals for sale so if you can't find the Primp one, try that. Good luck!
  3. Thanks Jen, it's actually little fawns on the top. I've looked at both the Pimp website and other places that sell Primp and I can't find it.
  4. I saw ponys, bunnies, seagulls, but no fawns :sad:
  5. ^ ahha it's the mystery top! I must find it darnit!
  6. If it's fawns, it could possibly be made by Disney Couture. They did some Bambi inspired thermals just like this a while back..
  7. My daughter has a similar shirt. It's from Juicy.