Help me find out how to make this Pesto dressing!

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  1. They have this awesome salad at Marks&Spencer here in London called "Italian Style with Pine nuts and Pesto Dressing" or something like that. The awesomeness of it is the Pesto dressing that comes with it because it just lettuce leaves, toasted pine nuts and some parmesan cheese.

    I have the ingredients used (they list everything in detail here in the UK which really comes in handy sometimes) and the dressing contains the following:

    - Basil Infused Sunflower Oil
    - Sunflower Oil
    - Basil
    - Lemon Juice
    - Parmesan Cheese
    - Red Wine Vinegar
    - Roasted Garlic Puree
    - Salt
    - Black Pepper

    any ideas on how much of each to use?
  2. Hmm, you could probably just eyeball it.

    Start with a bunch of fresh basil, a clove or so of garlic. Add as much cheese to your taste, I'd say add a bit and then go with the other ingredients, half a cup of toasted pine nuts, seasonings to taste, and drizzle the oil down into the food processor once that's processed and then taste, if it needs more cheese add more.
    Add the vinegar and lemon juice bit by bit and taste as you go.
  3. ooooooooo sounds yummmmmmm

    i lvoe marks and sparks
  4. Thanks Miss 2 A!
    I've never made any sort of dressing before so I guess I'll just buy alot of basil and experiment in batches!
  5. i agree...i would start with pesto, then thin it out with the vinegar/lemon juice. and def use more of the reg sunflower oil than the basil infused one. and i would def add salt/pepper to taste last. the flavors will change as you add the ingredients
  6. Ooh, post your recipe if when you get it just right! :buttercup:
  7. Sounds like a yummy dressing...I hope you can recreate it!
  8. If it helps, the ingredients are usually listed in order from the most used to the least. You can probably just look up a basic pesto recipe and get some general measurements from there. I would maybe use a little less of everything than the recipe says, and then taste and add more of whatever it needs.
  9. I always eyeball with dressing. You can just adjust the quantities and if you screw up, you know for the next time.