Help me find my Spiaggia gioco!

  1. Ok so I was eyeing this auction for the longest time,

    ...contemplating if i should wait for a coupon at macy's to get it cheaper or buy it online...or wait...and just as i was about to buy it like literally a minute later, poof! someone else bought it :crybaby:

    So if anyone can help me locate one just like this (i know that's a long shot) please tell me! or put it on hold if its at a macy's, nords, eBay or such. I need to scope out Metropark or stop by Azalea to see if they have any. Where else?...does Pulse still have any Spiaggia giocos?!

    I basically love it because it shows mostly the ocean scene so its ultra colorful on the front (with bikini girl front n centered), sides, and top of the bag, and the beach scene on the back with shark boy!

    Thanks guys! any help is appreciated! :okay:

    :heart: stephiee
    spiaggia_gioco1.jpg spiaggia_gioco2.jpg spiaggia_gioco3.jpg spiaggia_gioco5.jpg spiaggia_gioco4.jpg
  2. Maybe one of us Hawaii girls can look for you..since we still have alot of Spiaggia left here..not sure about giocos though...even though the price is inflated, I'm sure it would be worth it for a perfect placement. I live too far and don't have a car...but maybe some of them can keep an eye out if they head to the other Lesportsacs....
  3. Yeah, if you're willing to pay Hawaii retail for your perfect placement, I can definitely go look for you since Ala Moana is down the street...
  4. how much would it be extra with the shipping n inflated prices? here it would be retail $160 + tax or shipping. which should be around $175...
  5. Well, a flat-rate box is about $9 now, our tax is 4.17%, and now I just don't remember how much the gioco was here. I know I posted all the Hawaii prices for the bags before somewhere else but I just can't remember which thread!!

    Regardess the total will be more than $200.

    Edit: I tried searching through my posts to find the price list I wrote, but I guess it only goes back to the last 300 posts so it's long gone. I don't know why but I want to say the gioco is $189 here?? And if that's the case, the total would be around $206...
  6. ooooh yeah that's steep!! ok yeah i can't do that lolz but thanks for the offer anyhoo ^^
  7. You could try this site:

    Price is in Yen, but item is located in LA. I recently found my foresta ciao ciao there and she gave me free shipping. I think the placement is the same as the print. You can send them an email and ask how much it is in USD.
  8. I'll be on the lookout for you when I go shopping the next few days~ there are still a ton of spiaggia gioco's at Macy's in SoCal when i last checked :smile:
  9. bubbles - I saw ONE gioco at the walnut creek macys yesterday. I dont' remember the placement though. might wanna give them a call, I think they are giving 15% off right now.
  10. ecny: oooh so how much did u get ur foresta ciao ciao for? i never knew u could order from there

    n thanks girls for the help!
  11. she sold it to me for $165 with shipping. :yahoo: and to think i was just about to buy from eBay for $200 before shipping! the placement wasn't my "ideal" but it wasn't bad.
  12. oh you have their email? i'm getting lost around their site lolz
  13. i might be out in the malls i'll check for you and take pics. i don't think vf macy's has any tho. but i'll check.
  14. lol. it was hard for me to understand anything even after i translated the page! but i did manage to find the address on the About us link or something? anyways, it's good luck!
  15. thanks meluvbags31! pix would be AWESOME! =)