Help me find my perfect purple!!!


It's Purdy...
Feb 7, 2008
the land of want
I have purchased SOOO many purple bags in the last year trying to find my perfect purple. almost everything I find has too much pink or too much blue. i just want a true purple!!!:yahoo: preferably with silver hardware.. but i wouldn't terribly mind light gold or brass...
anyways.. i attached a picture of one of my purple flats.. this is the color purple I'm looking for in a bag. Any suggestions? i typically buy RM or Coach.. i also have Linea Pelle, Treesje, MJ, and LV...



Feb 10, 2007
ive seen a purple balenciaga but thats a 2007 violet or 2008 raisin color.
you might find it in marc jacobs and lv amarante?
May 14, 2009
East Coast
I have the Coach Zoe large purple patent which is a true purple but they no longer make this bag. It's not even that old but now discontinued they told me last year at the store. I use that coach when it rains which is a great all weather bag since I own a lot of leather bags and don't want to get them wet. I have the RM 3 Zip PH MAC and RM Mini Beloved Vintage Violet which is amazing. Both RM bags in my RM collection I use the most. I'm small so the Mini B is perfect for me and the MAC.


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Jun 11, 2008
purple stands for nobleness
, am i right?
:yes: traditionally associated with royalty/nobility

I agree that Bal has some great purples that come close to your flats but they are past seasons and may be hard to track down.

07 Violet
08 Sapphire
09 Raisin

come to mind.


Jan 18, 2009
Bal's Raisin definitely looks like that kind of purple that you're looking for.

Another very true purple bag which I have is Botkier's James hobo in Deep Purple (from Spring '09, IIRC). It appears bluer under certain lighting sometimes (indoor fluorescent lighting, for instance), but it's usually a very true, intense medium purple, not too dark and not too light. It may be a bit brighter than your purple flats, though. (The pic below was also taken with adjusted white balance settings on my camera, so it may be a bit brighter than IRL, but it's pretty close and should give you an idea of the purple tone!)