help me find my next purchase

  1. i realized that most of my LV's are handhelds, of the top of my head... popincourt, mc mini sac HL, pleaty, cerises speedy, priscilla...

    and i want to find another LV bag that is handheld but can also be carried on the shoulder with a detachable shoulder strap, like the roxbury drive. except the roxbury drive's shape is very close to my popincpurt so i was hoping to find something similar like that... i thought about a balenciaga or the marc jacobs stam, but i'm still a LV lover

    and i also thought about a MC Noe but its kinda pricy for me at this point and it can't really be handheld the straps are kinda too long for that...

    thanks in advance :smile:
  2. The Multicolore Rita has double handles like the speedy and a shoulder strap too. Pricey at $2020 but I LOVE it.
    The Stephen Monogram and Cabas Raye GM denim have the same idea like a Balenciaga but are big bags. The Adele is smaller with two handles and a shoulder strap. Not sure if they made it in monogram?
    A bag I just got that I love that has a top handle and cross body is the Miu Miu Coffer in white. Kinda wished I chose a different color now but it's super cute.
    I am a LV lover too and even tho I have put my stuff in it twice already I have yet to walk out the door with it on. I end up changing to a LV last minute!
    Can't wait to see what you decide and sorry I'm not more help!
  3. i was hoping on a bag that cost around 1k, thats why the cabas raye gm is on my wishlist only.. i could only wish i could aford that and its sold out by now too =(
  4. How about the papillon or the MC audra- not quite a shoulder bag but it is sure cute, or maybe a MC shirley - not hand held but can be a clutch. I'll keep thinking.
  5. how about the mc marilyn or audra?
  6. I think you could put a strap on the Alma.
  7. Marelle pochette/MM/GM? Those are convertiable bags which I adore:love: b/c it's rarely seen :yes: