Help, me find my must have bag :(

  1. I am mostly a Dooney girl, but I found a coach bag that I really must have....

    The white optic "lunch" bag with the bee.

    As I was reading the forums I noticed that some were at the outlets but seems like that was last year :sad: or does anyones still have them, doubtful I know!
    Does anyone know where to find one besides eBay? and what price would you pay if you did eBay?

    Forgive me if I am doing this wrong, this is my first post so bear with me...Soon to be posting more!
  2. There was one in the Leesburg VA outlet 2 weeks ago - sorry I could not have been or more help
  3. I think the only hope now is eBay. If you really love that bag I would pay 200 dollars or less for it because I would be a afraid that it would get really dirty. Welcome to the purse forum!!!
  4. I saw a ton of them at the outlet here in Ohio a few weeks ago. Good luck with your search!
  5. We used to have them at TJMaxx...or you can try eBay?? But make sure you get it authenticated here first!
  6. These ladies are so helpful here! Someone helped me track down my dream wallet that I let get away from me. I'm sure more people will respond to this and help you! My wallet was found on ebay, that might be your best bet too...
  7. My outlet (California) had a ton of these last month, along with matching wristlets and swingpacks. I got the wristlet for about $18.
  8. I always see those bee bags at the outlets whenever I go. I'm pretty sure I've seen them there since last summer. Not sure if they have the specific one you're looking for, but if you're near an outlet maybe you can go check it out? Wish I could help more.