Help me find my Mini Mac!


Jul 24, 2012
Hey everyone, I don't suppose anyone has been to Florida recently or lives in Florida? I'm desperately trying to find the Mini Mac in Almond when i visit in two weeks. I have been on the live chat with a number of stores ( Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, Saks etc.) but they cant tell me the stock of any stores. I can't call the stores as calling the US from the UK would cost a fortune. If anyone spots this bag in Orlando, please let me know and ill love you forever! ;)


Oct 11, 2011
Hi! I recently ordered the black with gold hardware Mini MAC from Revolve Clothing, perhaps you could try them? The almond is expected to be back in stock from 30th November (though mine was expected end of July and was in stock on 11th July).

Just go to Google, search almond mini mac revolve clothing and you'll get a link for pre-order.

My order was confirmed on 11th and I got my bag last Tuesday (and love it =)) The great thing is, if you're a new customer, you receive a 30% new customer discount.

I'm also from England and in total paid about £115.00 - that's £91 for the bag and £25.00 for VAT/ Royal Mail fee (£8.00 which is inc. in the £25) Delivery is free on orders over $100 =)

If you don't manage to get your Mini MAC in the US, I'd definitely recommend Revolve =) x


Dec 5, 2011
Hi! There is an area in Orlando called Winter Park- on Park Ave in Winter Park is a store called Tuni, and I've seen the RM bags there often. They usually carry hard to find styles and colors- you could try sending them a message on Twitter (@tuniwinterpark) and see if they have it or if they will order it for you.
Another store near downtown Orlando called Zou Zou boutique also carries RM, I haven't been in there in a while so I don't know what they have in stock but you can try sending them a message on Facebook!
Good luck!