Help me find my HG scarf!!

  1. Ladies,

    A few days ago I totally fell in love with a scarf I had never seen before, it's the "Cirque Molier" in the rose-purple colorway. I loved the coloring, I loved the precious details and how it looks folded.

    I tracked one on eBay, but my internet conection stopped working during the last minutes of the bid, and someone else got it :crybaby:

    I thought it would not be a big deal, but I can't stop thinking about that scarf, and regretting that I didn't win. I have seen other colorways on eBay but they don't make my heart skip a beat, as it happened when I saw the pink one.

    So my question is, how do you look for your HG scarfs when they are not sold on H boutiques? Pray that one will show on eBay?
    Is that all I can do? :shrugs:
    Last night I even dreamt that I could do an SO for a scarf at Hermes. Just like you do with the bags! :lol: I know it was a crazy dream, but I wish this could be done so I could find my beautiful scarf.
  2. If you live in the US, try NM. As of last month, mine had Cirque Molier in blue. An Accessories SA should be able to do a search of stock within all the NMs for you. I bet there are other Cirque Molier scarves out in other NM stores, not just mine.
  3. Your H boutique should be able to do a worldwide search for you.
  4. ^^^Yay hello!!! :yahoo:

    I know this seller and she is absolutely one of the most delightful people! You are in great hands if you decide to buy from her.
  5. Good luck with the auction!

    Just FYI - Cirque Molier is from more than 3 years ago, so you won't be able to find one through Hermes. The only scarves in the "in stores" database are from within the last three years.
  6. Thanks everybody!!

    I tried to log in yesterday but I guess the forum was down... I have never felt like this with a scarf, I'm not really into scarves but I just NEED to have this one, it's so so pretty!!!

    The one on eBay right now is not the colorway I was looking for. I am impressed on how many colorways you can find! This is also pink, but the motifs are very light color. I want the pink version with colorful details since this one would make me look washed out, but it's really pretty!

    Oh, I guess I will have to wait for eBay...

    Thanks a lot, ladies!
  7. I fell for that scarf as well - put in a bid but was outbid...darn! Be careful with this design because it has been widely faked, so make sure you are buying from a trustworthy seller. (The one we were both watching, for example!) There is a pink with turquoise detail often on eBay - it is a fake. My plan is to just wait for another to come up on eBay - I have seen them before and if you wait long enough, most everything will come along eventually. I hate waiting, though!
  8. Hope you get it!!