Help me find my first purse!

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  1. Nobody die in horror . . . but I haven't owned a handbag since my tiny blue Garfield purse. Can I get banned for that?? I've just always been a clothes and shoes girl, and I hate having to carry ANYTHING, particularly anything that can be left in corners, which is the story of most of my accessories. But, I'm in need of something for semi-formal occasions where I don't have any pockets and my SO does not want to carry my boob tape. Looking for: something small (a wristlet or maybe a clutch), something elegant, probably something neutral, and extremely soft leather. Any suggestions?
  2. so, maybe just a black clutch? an oversized one would probably be a decent idea though, something to consider at least. goldenbleu has some nice oversized ones online for very cheap....other colors are available as well. the leather is very very nice. and for nice dinners, i would be fine with leaving this on the table, since its not so bag that it would feel daunting compared to the centerpiece :smile:

    Why oversized? well, if you need something to carry more than a license, credit card and a probably want to carry a bit more than the bare essentials. This is an "under arm" clutch, which will hold a regular wallet, makeup, even a small camera for those wedding/formal/occassions.
  3. Ooh, I like! It is bigger than what I was thinking, though. I would go for a tiny version of the Espresso -- me be a simple and not very girly girl who never carries more than DL, CC, lip gloss, boob tape, cell, and little OB tampons. I also wouldn't mind investing a little in my only bag, since I am unlikely to be dressed up without the SO whose business it is to list everything I should have with me when coming and going :smile:

    I do want to stay away from black -- maybe browns, greys, cream, rose I think can be pretty neutral along with other light colors. Sorry, I am a picky little person here, but I do want and appreciate your help!
  4. Here's a Lauren Merkin clutch. It's even got compartments and the zipper pulls are cute! It's a beautiful neutral tan and the leather looks soft and squishy. I love clutches like this that aren't structured. They look SUPER FAB in the hand. OH and it's on sale!

    Man, I kinda want to buy this. lol
  5. If you really hate carrying stuff and tend to put it down and forget about it, you may want to consider a small bag that can be carried as a cross body bag. I'm fond of Chanel "Wallet on a Chain" bags but they're very pricy. I'm sure I've seen other brands of clutches with long chains or straps that can be carried cross-body, though.
  6. Oops. I can't edit my above post but the clutch I posted about is by Vanessa Bruno and not Lauren Merkin. :Push:
  7. Oh, wow! This was one thing I saw and liked a while ago but it was out of my range at retail. I'm not sure they style goes with many of my dresses, but I am really tempted now. Thanks for the link!
  8. Thanks for the suggestion. Those are cute, although it seems like I would be bound to put them down anyway. I think/hope I can manage to remember whatever I get since I won't be taking it to the grocery store just any old day!
  9. You're welcome! What are the colors of most of your dresses?
    What about a grey/gunmetal clutch? This one actually has a little chain strap that you pull out for hands-free carrying or you can tuck it into the bag to be handheld.

    This Kooba's leather looks glazed. I had a Kooba with the same leather and it's still soft but not so much smooshy like the other one I posted. Kooba colors are TDF too!

    It's on saaaaaale too! :tup:
  10. Most of my dresses are greys, black, blue, in need of changing up :smile: Guess I wasn't actually thinking about matching when I put in my colors above. I have a question though . . . these bags are about the size of my laptop screen, which seems HUGE to me. Are they likely to seem different in person? Sorry, I have no experience judging bag dimensions!
  11. Mia Bella, I decided to go for the Vanessa Bruno clutch! I hope it is as squishy and friendly as it looks!
  12. YAY!!!! It's a totally FAB clutch and I too have been eyeing it. I really do need something neutral and handheld just like it.

    GOOD LUCK! Be sure to share her with us when she arrives!!!! :woohoo::tup:
  13. Do you still have the Garfield bag? I would love to see pics!
  14. Ooh, very pretty! And those clutches do look less unwieldy than 12" or 14" makes them sound. I already ordered something, but I see how these purse addictions get started!