Help me find my first Coffer!

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  1. I'm usually an MJ girl, but recently I've been in love with the Coffer.
    Just wondering if anyone knows where I can buy one (preferably in Canada) preferably on sale!

    Does anyone know if there are any sales slated to start soon? I need to be on the lookout!

    Thank you so much! :smile:
  2. You won't be able to find any in Canada. Holts cleared out awhile ago.

    What color are you looking for? Black never goes on sale, it's usually only the seasonal colors that do.
  3. Agree with Meganfm, you cant really find them in Canada as far as I've heard, and yes seasonal colors go on sale, I don't think I've ever seen a black one on sale...which color do you want to buy? Sales are not starting any time soon until Decemeber as we just had 40% off sales...
  4. i think better luck finding one on ebay.
  5. ... it is a hard life to Canadian Purse Lovers! :tumbleweed:
  6. ^ You got that right, Kiki!!

    I think I'm more interested in a color other than black, I have too many black bags as it is! I really love that dark gray or the metallic gray one I saw someone has here (I'm assuming it's from previous seasons?)

    So I have to wait until December for another sale? :sad: Is it usually 40% retail right off the bat?

    I actually may be heading to Asia (destination unknown as of yet) during the fall, will the prices be cheaper there?
  7. That grey metallic color is fumo mordore and it was on sale, I am not sure and don't think it's available anymore...yes you'll have to wait for December for another sale, I am not sure what coffer colors are available this season...I want to know too! hopefully I'll travel soon!!
  8. Fumo (dark grey) & Nudo (light grey) are still available....

    I dont' think the coffers will go on sale.. think the Sandalo is the one of...
  9. #9 Jul 24, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2009
    think the fumo mordore was on sale b/c of the damage... :shrugs: dont think it was chain wide sale on that colour

    I am in the process of getting Fall pics from my SA... but so far I know there are
    Nero, Bianco, Fumo, Entrusco, Palissandro & Talco (all GHW)
  10. Ohhh that could have been it...I remember seeing a blond mordore coffer on sale from Bahareh though, I am not sure if that was damaged too, I didn't think so at the time, I don't know to be honest anymore....I have been so far away from a MM store for too long now!! Please Kiki get pictures!!! snif....I need more eye candy to survive and I have been going non stop to mytheresa, net a porter etc, but nothing new....I need me some quilted suede! and of course....a denim coffer!

    Telicious, either you wait for next december sales, or buy from ebay, I think.

  11. Kiki-would you happen to know if Bahareh has the fumo coffer?
    Does fumo look more like metallic silver?
  12. Hi Stylish P, I just pm'ed you....
  13. Thanks butterfly
  14. Can anyone recommend a good SA (MM boutique or otherwise) that I can contact them via email?
    I tried contacting Renato, but never received a response.

    Thanks! :smile:
  15. He replies very promptly to his emails,maybe his day off,you can also try
    Bahareh at ;)