help me find my dream bag......

  1. my friend and i have been lusting after this gucci but in the monogram and without the big gucci plaque on the front for ages


    i do like the leather version but would absolutely LOVE to find it in the regular monogram, but i know it's a long shot since the bag is from a few years ago.....

    has anybody seen this in their outlets or gucci boutiques or from reputable online retailers? any help would be GREATLY appreciated thanks so much :yes::p:yes:
  2. Sorry I can't help you find it but it is a gorgeous bag.
  3. OH MY! PLEASE re-read the rules!!!!:shocked:
  4. i'd love to have a brand new one all for me :yes: plus if possible i'd love to pick one up for my friend as well :yahoo:but if i can't find another new one i'll definitely check out other venues :yes:

    thanks so much beljwl and kookielf for replying this is i think my first post in gucci and i was a bit apprehensive :p
  5. Don't feel apprehensive!! Everyone is here to help :yes:. I usually post on the Vuitton forum, but I venture in to Gucci sometimes. I'm sure if you could get the name of the bag, you could definately call Gucci and hopefully an SA could track one down for you. Might have one in an outlet, who knows! :shrugs: And then if not, there's always 2nd hand. :idea:

    In any case, Good Luck with your search! :choochoo:
  6. HI jc2239, I saw one that I think is what you're looking for. If you like you can email me because I'm not sure am I able to post the info's on PF.
  7. I would check the outlets. I think you should be able to still find one there.
  8. will do.....maybe i can find time to head up to woodbury today or sunday! :yes:
  9. Good luck. I hope you find it!