Help me find my dream bag

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  1. Hi all, I need help finding an everyday go to handbag and I need suggestions.
    Bear with me this is my first time on the website.
    I'm looking for a designer real leather handbag in a satchel style,(two over the wrist handles and one long strap for over the shoulder) in black leather with SILVER hardware,(not even light gold but gunmetal or black hardware is fine) and it must have a zipper closure. I need something around the size of a lv speedy 30-35 but nothing bigger than that and preferably something that wears well and is not super delicate.
    I already own a balenciaga city bag, I hope knowing that helps.
    For some reason these options that I want on a bag are impossible to find even in the last few years. If any designers are reading this please give more options for hardware choices.
    Also I've been looking at the givenchy antigona in small with black leather and silver hardware and no one has it right now.
    Any suggestions will be super helpful cause I feel I'm missing what I want somewhere out there! Thanks
  2. Not sure about higher end, but the Rebecca Minkoff MAM immediately comes to mind. I would look for an older one with clasps on the shoulder strap, and there's definitely been black/silver ones.
  3. I know the feeling and I am in the same predicament you are... Have you considered the LV Alma in Epi leather? the shoulder strap is a cross body but you get the hands free option if you need it. Good luck
  4. Honestly, I think the Givenchy Antigona is the perfect choice and you should wait for it. A cool, older style-option is the YSL oversize muse. I see it at a ton of meetings and conferences and am thinking of getting one myself. A very classic bag.

    Personally, I hate Prada and Mulberry but know they have a lot of practical choices. Ferragamo too.
  5. I am looking into getting the "morning after bag" (MAB) mini by Rebecca Minkoff.

    I love the classic and unique design (the flap!! :heart:), the price is right, and the quality of my Mini Mac is great. It also seems to be just the right size for carrying all you need, but not too big.

    I know leather can vary on the color, but the black leather seems to be much liked on the RM part of the purseforum.

    I have also seen it with silver hardware.
  6. Or get spring clasps to be able to attach the strap on all hooks :smile: