Help me find my dream bag!

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  1. #1 Jan 29, 2010
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2010
    I need a new bag...and after searching and searching and searching, I just can't find a perfect bag. The closest I've come to one I really like is this B Makowsky but I'm afraid the handles are too short.

    So...a bag scavenger hunt. You ladies know about brands I'm not even familiar with, I'm sure, so please help a girl out!

    My requirements are:

    *Long strap, preferably wide strap. Crossbody is fine if it has a wide strap, and I like an embellished strap on a crossbody (studs, a buckle, a knot, etc) and if it's a crossbody hobo or a messenger that isn't too square.

    *Must be real leather. Or suede. Preferably leather. Preferably soft, buttery leather. But seriously, must be leather.

    *Must be a designer that is well respected on this forum. Sorry, I'm a snob.

    *Must not have monograms, or gold hardware. And no Coach at all, nothing against it but it's like, my mother's thing. I want something more edgy.

    *Black, soft grey, or a really pretty midnight blue (the kind that is 'midnight' or 'ocean' not 'navy') are preferred.

    *$250-$600, any less would make me embarrassed to replace my Treesje with it, any more is just not feasible at the moment.

    *I like embellishments, but not gaudy. Think like the big Balenciaga hardware, big zip pulls, the ruffles on Treesje's Divino and Magnolia, the bow designs on Betsey Johnson bags...things that give the bag unique character.

    *Wider than it is tall....not square or tall, they just don't look good on me. Not too square, not too structured. And not too 'modern' avant garde style, something like the B Mak or the Treesje Magnolia is like, my dream bag. Except with longer straps.

    *Big enough to use as an everyday bag (big ring of keys, phone, sunnies, wallet, makeup bag, other random things.

    Okay I just too picky? I would totally buy that B Makowsky Palermo shopper in a heartbeat, but it only has an extra 1" drop more than my Treesje Divino, and the reason I'm shopping for a bag is because I'm having trouble wearing my Divino as an everyday bag because of the short handles.

    Though I guess the Divino is more structured than I'm used there really much difference between 9" and 10" drop, if one bag is soft and one is structured?

    If anyone has my taste in bags...I'll love you forever if you point me toward my dream bag.