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  1. Hello!
    I have been looking for my dream bag everywhere and cant find it! I am a flight attendant and can literally travel to all corners of the world.. but somehow can not find the SAC DE JOUR NANO IN DARK BIEGE. I have checked the UK, all of europe, north america and australia. I have visited a number of saint laurent stores had them check their systems, and the colour dark beige was apart of their 2016 collection. I wish I could forget about it and just move on.. but I am actually obsessed with it. I have checked resale sights such as verstaire and fashionphile, EBAY and no luck. If you live anywhere and know it is in saint laurent store.. please help me find it!! or any resale sights! All the help in the world is appreciated.
  2. The color "dark beige" was rereleased this season (color 2721) you may be able to find it on farfetch if you keep checking (if not available at ysl) as certain boutiques receive different variations of styles. Note, they refer to 2721 as dark beige, but it may or may not be the exact shade as the older release (if it's the same code...then most likely).

    As an example there's currently a dark beige nano SDJ available from a boutique in Brazil....but only available for certain shipping destinations:

    There's also a size small available from a Portugal boutique, so it's likely other options will become available:
  3. Than

    thank you so much! I had a photo of the skew for the bag when I saw it in store, so I did know it was 2721. But the sales associates at the saint laurent told me it was part of the 2016 collection. Unfortunately Brazil is one of the places I cant get too, and I checked farfetch america, canada, and europe but it isnt showing up in the nano. Which is just the perfect size!