Help me find my dream bag, please!!!

  1. Hi all,

    after getting my first Chanel :yahoo: a few months ago, I have started looking at Lady Dior and Dior Cannage in a different way: they are elegant and timeless, just what I am looking for! Although I am a big fan of shoulder bags, sometimes when carrying more things I would rather use a messenger bag. Would one of you friendly tPFers know, if Dior has any nice messenger bags in either their Lady Dior or their Cannage collections? It really would be a practical purchase.. :love:
  2. :flowers:Hello,

    I absolutely love the Cannage bags! The leather is sooo soft and gorgeous! I have several, including a Messenger bag! Dior has some great Cannage Messenger bags. Here are some examples and pics. If you search eBay and type in "Dior Cannage" you should be able to find some beautiful bags (not to mention good deals!). You may want to post any bags you are interested in upon eBay within the "authenticate this" Dior here to post within this thread.

    best wishes and good luck!

  3. [​IMG]
  4. Dior Cannage XL Messenger

  5. Dior Cannage Small Flap Messenger

  6. Dior Cannage Zip Bag

  7. Dior Cannage Flap Bag

  8. and the Dior "Lady Dior" bags are great too!

  9. Dior Cannage Embroidered Hobo

  10. [​IMG]
  11. Dior Cannage Clutch/Wallet

  12. [​IMG]
  13. [​IMG]
  14. Ohh! and the Dior Cannage Fur Backpack....I think this is adorable.

  15. Sorry to butt in, but what is that cute bag on the right called and how much does/did it retail for? It's very cute!