1. Hello Dior addicts im looking for some Dior sunglases that have Swarovski Christals all over including the glass, I need them for a photo shoot:yes:
    so i tought if anyone know's where they are it is you guys, so can you please help me find them:crybaby: I would greatlly apreciated!
    Thanx in advanced!

    ps. I don't have a pic but just picture some huge black aviator like sunglasses without the gap with Swarovski Christalls all over:supacool: and I'll give 1000 kudos to whoever finds them:nuts: !

    never mind here's a pic on the left

  2. anyone?:shrugs:
  3. Hi LatinMaleModel!

    I know which sunglasses you're talking about...they were on the Fall/Winter 2006/07 runway with the models in bandanas and sunglasses. I've been looking for them too (only for the price) and I haven't ever seen one. I don't know if they are from the Escrime line or Dior Western line (or if they belong to theses lines at all), so it's hard to locate them.

    Has anyone seen these before?

    (I'm sure they cost over $1000!)
  4. They are called "Remove" sunglasses :yes: I'v never seen them for sale anywhere though, so i imagine they are hard to find... especially because they probably aren't being produced anymore

  5. mmmm ...feast your eyes and good luck with searching ! :yes:
    00290m.jpg 00280m.jpg
  6. Call the boutique on 5th ave. in NY. They should be able to help you.
  7. OMG!!!!!! I've never seen that pic before! I thought you couldn't actually see through them but I was wrong!!!

    I would love to have a pair of these, but I also wonder what people will say if I walked around the streets wearing that. They do look as weird as they are wonderful.
  8. My god, how do you see out of them?

    so weird, but so sexy!

    haha, i love the escrime!
  9. Thanx you guys!:flowers: but I still can't find them I only come across the escrime 1 sunglasses that are the same but without the christals, im gonna call Dior NY tomorow and make them spill the beans I have to get my hand's on a pair no matter what...

  10. good luck with your quest and keep us posted we WANT to see the pics once u put your lil paws on them ! :drool: