Help me find Marc by Marc Jacobs Dylan

  1. I want a Marc by Marc Jacobs Dylan bag in saddle. The Marc Jacobs website lists them as both part of the 2008 Spring line and part of the resort line. It's the perfect bag for running this summer, allowing me to have a child on each hand and not be weighed down in the middle. I was going to call Nordies today and see if they can order them. Any other ideas?
  2. It's that style, but those are the old colors and I want one of the new Spring ones. The Marc Jacobs website lists it as a resort 2008 bag too, so I would have thought it would be out by now.
  3. Ah OK - spring styles are only just hitting stores in the UK - it's probably the same in the US - I'm sure they'll be stocked in the usual stockists Neiman/Saks/Shopbop/eluxury. I certainly haven't seen them online yet
  4. ok so My friend drug me into the MJ store in SF and she loves this bag! What colors does it come in and is there any other on ebay. She said she will only pay 150 for it...