Help me find Mandarin Speedy for GF BDAY!

  1. Hi!

    My gf's bday is coming up at the end of october. I want to get her a mandarin speedy. I know its sold out in the u.s. Anyone know where I can find one or is willing to sell one to me?

    There is currently 1 listing on eBay by bagteria...and I already made an offer, but I am trying to be dilligent and get this bag asap.

    I am in the boston area.

    My gf would be thrilled if I got her this!

  2. i saw one on eBay recently
  3. yeah ive seen both the 30 and 25cm one. on eBay very recently
    get the speedy 30!! its much bigger and nicer!!
  4. Maybe you could ask let-trade if they have one?
  5. Thanks for the replies. I am constantly checking ebay..and have made an offer on the only listing currently on ebay. I am waiting to hear back from the seller (bagteria). I don't have access to the "Want to Buy" forum on here cause I need to be invited. I'm not sure what "let-trade" is.

    Any other suggestions would be great!

  6. Let's trade :

    They sell authentic LV's (and sometimes other brands) - both new and second hand.
  7. :yes: Yup! :tup:
  8. Also, make sure to post a picture of any bag you're bidding on into the AUTHENTICATE THIS thread here on the purse forum. Members that know a lot about authenticity will help u make sure the bag is REAL!
  9. that's so sweet! I'm jealous...hehe.

    Yea, try let-trade or here's another good one:

    you can email them and ask if they have any...good luck!
  10. Good luck! That is a great bag!
  11. Give the Hawaii LV boutiques a ring. They still should have a few in stock at one of the stores and they'll be able to do a charge send. You get a brand spanking new bag all wrapped up and you don't have to worry about it's authenticity.
  12. I don't think you can do a charge send unless you have prior purchase history though. Bummer...someone got the one on ebay for $550.
  13. thanks for all the replies! I am trying everyone's suggestions to find this bag. I will call LV in hawaii and see what they say.

    I check ebay everyday, how did I miss that one??? The bagteria lady isn't back till 10/ I'll have to wait till then to make an offer.

    thanks again!