help me find locket miroir???

  1. hi gals
    do u think i can find the locket miroir anywhere in the world???
    if u know a certain boutique pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease give me the location and if possible the number....

    i will really appreciate it
  2. Alot of boutiques are getting them but only afew but you have to be on the waitlist since there are alot of people who want them, I think most boutiques are getting 1 or 2 and then bigger maybe 7 but i think they have all been waitlisted for but i guess you could try calling 866 , But i think your best bet would be eBay.
  3. thanx for ur help...
    i guess i wont find one...should settle for something else :sad:
  4. You can get one. I took myself off the waitlist (since I already have two mirror bags and am wanting the suhali gold instead! :graucho:) and was offered two yesterday! Try 866. Do you have an SA you deal with regularly?
  5. I agree, this bag is limited but judging from what I see on the threads here there has been a lot of movement on the waitlists. I would call 866 or your regular SA and inquire. If you don't have an SA, call your local boutique or stop by and ask to be added to the list. Good luck!
  6. As this bag is very limited and difficult to get one. Hope you get it. :wlae: