Help me find Jaune and Violet Day or Twiggy RH please!

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  1. I am on a wait list for the Jaune City and Violet Step and basically guaranteed them but I now realize I rather have them in the Day (Juaune or Violet) or Twiggy (Jaune).

    TIA :yes:
  2. Hey, I think you should give Bal Paris a call. I rang them up and asked about jaune twiggies and the guy said they'd be getting them around next week. And apparently they have LOTS of violet bags!
  3. Try calling Aloha Rag- they have some stock coming in this week, I think.
  4. i just ordered a bag from balparis and :tup::tup::tup: to them for great service, prompt delivery and all in all, great transaction. i definitely recommend them! you're right, they do have a larger selection of "rarer" bags..
  5. What is the number to the Bal in Paris?
  6. Paris Bal Boutique : 011 33 1 47 20 21 11
    Paris Bal service : 0 11 33 1 56 52 17 50

    I don't know the bag you are searching for but the city is at 945 euros ... 820 without the TVA

  7. What is the custom charge like from BalParis to here?
  8. try Barneys Seattle.......they have different ones in stock.....

  9. From LVR or Harrods etc, I have always paid about 10% customs +their fee. On LVR purchase of $2100 I paid $230 or something. Hope this helps. If you order from Europe they take the Vat off, but you end up paying some of that in customs charges (half or so).