Help me find Edith messenger

  1. I have a large whiskey edith and have a craving for another edith. I want one in the classic size and want it to be a messenger (no canvas). So if anyone comes across one please pm me. The problem I have is i'm not sure of the color. I love whiskey but feel it would be wrong to have the same color bag. That's wrong right??:confused1:The other color I like but have not seen irl is the yellow (not sure of the formal name). So I guess that would be the more practical choice. Has anyone seen the all leather edith messengers any where?
  2. I have the black one in the messenger style and I like the style in that colour!

    NAP had some and they still pop up once in a while.....
  3. There's a beautiful maise(yellow) on eBay right now and It looks to be authentic. jun3machina posted it above. I seen this one irl and it's gorgeous!!!!
  4. Thanks for these. I love the maize. Hmmmmm. Just afraid of ebay. Never purchased anything on there before.
  5. The Maize looks authentic to me if that helps. Beautiful color too.


  6. Looks authentic to me too!!! Also do a search on the sellers name here and see of some posts come up:tup:!
  7. the maize and whiskey are authentic ;)
  8. Is it possible to buy the messenger strap separately? :confused1:
  9. No its not, I called Chloe NY and asked!
  10. They are the exact same bag though - with and without the strap? If that is true, then they should just sell em :smile:
  11. They are the exact same bag and thos were my sentiments exactly when I spoke to the Chloe Rep. She had asked Chloe France and the answer was still no! It REALLY does S%$&K
  12. where exactly does the strap attach to?:confused1: i've been trying to figure that out for a while...
  13. There is a little metal ring right above the straps, and thats where the straps attach to!
  14. how close is the color of whiskey to a LV? I know that you can buy LV shoulder straps, will they match??