Help me find: CL Roccia Python No (or Very) Prives

  1. I'm totally fed up with NGG, Manoloshoestore, and Be-Luxe on eBay ... but that doesn't mean they don't fuel the addiction.

    Can anyone help me find a pair of the roccia python, preferably numero prives, although I'd *settle* for the very prives in a 39.5.

    Any leads? Saks? Horatio Street boutique?


  2. Check your PM ASAP!!!!!
  3. If the link I sent you is a no go by the time you get the PM, then also check Bob Ellis b/c they did have them at one point. I'm sure some of the other stores in NYC have them too. My SA is calling me later about something else, so I will ask them as well.
  4. Isn't there one at Hurry!
  5. I missed it, but I'm not in a hurry. I'm gonna call some stores and have them search around.

    NGG, manoloshoestore and Be-Luxe are really making me crazy right now. They buy up all the sizes, and then create their own monopoly. Sometimes when they list a pair as "sold out" and I find the style at a boutique I"ll email them about contract law ...

    I'm so obnoxious. I can't stand them.
  6. There are 4 different types of python that CL produced to date for the Prive style, 3 of which are black/white (with some grey blended in) in color so there's been a lot of confusion about what is and what isn't Roccia python. Is it only the Roccia python version you're looking for (that one Saks never ordered)?....or one of the two other black/white Python types? The 3 types of black-white-colored python used are:

    - AYERS Python

    (on nPrive)


    (on Yoyo Sling Zeppa)


    - WHIPSNAKE Python (some call it python, some don't deem it as genuine natural since the state of CA is authorized to carry it but not the other python types).


    - ROCCIA Python (the TRUE Natural Python - and IMO the BEST python....also the most expensive python)

    (on Very Prive - this style was limited to Barneys NY for pre-fall '06 and sold out instantly; no other store, including CL boutiques in the US, were authorized to carry or order the Very Prive in Roccia that one was very exclusive & limited. I think most people, myself included, really prefer the Roccia python in the closed-heel V. Prive version as opposed to the nPrive)


    The nPrive (slingback) in ROCCIA Python is limited to Bergdorf Goodman (for the US market). BG had them a while back and is likely sold-out, but you might want to still call & double check. They are the only store that ordered the nPrive in ROCCIA Python (not to be confused with the other python's or the V. Prive).
  7. foxy--you're amazing. CL should recruit you to work for them!

  8. Wow foxy, sometimes I feel like I'm sitting in on a History of CL lecture with your posts :yes::smile:
  9. I've been kicking myself ALL day for not jumping on the lead.

    I'm going to call BG tonight and see what the status in their stores is ...

    I'm still looking, so if anyone finds a pair, please PLEASE let me know!!! TIA ...
  10. I'm looking for Roccia No Prive also in a 42...I think I would like these better than the Activa I have with the Roccia heel which I have yet to wear and am planning to return.
  11. Legal - I completely agree, keep in mind that many of those ebay sellers also peruse the TPF boards.

    I'm sorry my recommendation didn't work out. Looks like BG is sold out of the no prive python (as of last week, they had the all python version w/ burgundy tip, not the version with the burgundy heel and tip).
    Anyway, Saks in NY has the whipsnake very prive and ayers no prive (or maybe vice versa, I can't remember the details). Try calling today especially since the EGC event is coming up on Thursday so you could get a nice gift in return for your purchase.
    I have been searching for the all python very prive w/ burgundy tip for a while too. I think Butterfly just scored a pair off ebay.
  12. Oops just forgot to add...about a week ago, Barneys had one pair of the all python very prive w/ burgundy tip, but it was a size 6 or 6.5. I have my SA check the system constantly to see if another size will show up but unlikely since that shoe is so old.
    Honestly, I am sure that it will come out again considering the popularity.
  13. What?! You didn't get them?! :sad:

    No worries. I'm sure you'll find them again. :flowers:
  14. I feel in love with the python very prive with burgundy tip too! I hope someone gets those I found on ebay...the ones in the shoe deals section.
  15. I am not much help but I wish you luck! :flowers: