help me find boots!!

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  1. hi all,
    i've been jonesing for some boots but haven't been able to find any that i really like, so i thought i'd try asking the experts! i'm looking for boots with about a 14 inch shaft (around 3/4 up my calves), in either seude or leather. my only issue with seude is i don't want the boots to be "pre-slouched" if that makes any sense. i wouldn't mind it slouching naturally, but i hate the way that boots with sewn in slouches feel (i can't get over the urge to pull them up!!!)

    i'd also like for the boots to be flat and comfortable, as i'm planning on wearing them as everyday boots and i climb freaking hills to get around here! preferrably in dark brown, black or gray, and preferrably $200 or less (though i'm willing to go higher should i find THE pair), and round toe. i've been looking at frye boots (many of which have been at GREAT prices recently) but haven't found a pair that seems like somethign that'd go with my style. i know i'm super picky, but i figured if anybody would be able to help, it'd be you lovely gals!

    thanks in advance if you have any suggestions!:heart::heart:
  2. did you check piperlime website ~ they have bunches of boots on sale right now, with reviews, in all price ranges.
    Maybe you could find something you like ....

    What is your "style"?
  3. i would say a pair of Loeffler Randall Matilde boots but they're around 695. however, you can stalk the online retailers until they go on sale. i've seen them at 60% off sometimes.
  4. Although a bit pricey, I highly recommend La Canadienne boots. They come in a variety of styles, with heels, with platforms, or flat; leather or suede. They are waterproof and look very stylish without being too trendy so you'll get years of use from them. They are sold in the above mentioned websites (Zappos, Endless, piperlime). Good luck!