Help me find basic, incredible brown shoes!

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I did a huge closet purge this summer when I was unemployed. I had a lot of shoes I have loved for many years but I have decided they are now out of date.

    I'm looking for a pump or heeled oxford classic chocolate brown shoe I could wear with dress slacks or also with dark denim, and I'd like to keep it around $500 or under if possible. Please note it's gotta be deep luggage or camel ;).

    Here's the candidates so far:

    Chloe wing loafer, $635, a little out of budget:

    Gucci platform pump (I don't want brown suede but I like this style but with not so much of a trendy platform), $650:

    Jimmy Choo, $485 (great look but not versatile enough for jeans):


    Manolo patent Mary Jane, $555.00. Would these work with denim? Not sure if I want patent for a basic but these are great:


    Marc by Marc Jacobs saddle platform, $450. I love this style but without the suede and burgundy:


    YSL pump, $495. It doesn't come in brown and may be a little trendy but I love this style:


    Soooo, lemme know what you think! Any other ideas please suggest...I went shopping for hours yesterday and couldn't find a thing to try on :crybaby:.
  2. what about these anne klien loafers [FONT=VERDANA, GENEVA, ARIAL][$78.95][/FONT]?

    the heel on this pair looks comfortable:

    this one is versatile. you can wear it as a simple pump or flip the strap so it's a mary jane


    these look like the MB you picked out, but in dark brown leather:

    good luck!
  3. Check these out:

    Michael Kors pump. I just got a pair in snakeskin. The ones pictured are luggage but they DO make them in chocolate.

    They make them in chocolate and you can find them at Neiman Marcus, Dillard's and a couple of other places. They are GORGEOUS. The chocolate is a very deep brown. These are sexy, comfortable and work great with jeans or pretty much anything!

    Good luck!
  4. Wow, those are hot hot hot! I can't find any choco brown online, poo...any ideas?
  5. thank you, momo!! :tup:
  6. I LOOOOOVE the Manolos in your first post. I also love the Gucci platforms! :tup:
  7. go to google and type in "chocolate michael kors raceway" and see what comes up. I think they have them at Zappo's and a couple of other online shoe stores, I saw 'em last night.

    Here's some:

    Let me know if you get them! I have them in the snakeskin saddle color and I LOVE them!
  8. I love the Gucci platforms, there's another one they have out, a very similar shoe but just simple leather and a kinda stacked platform and heal, I have my eye on them in like a metallic grey for $495, I think they have black too but I'm not sure about dark brown it may be worth looking into though.
  9. YSL!

    They are absolutely fabulous! If you don't have the attitude to wear these though, they may look a bit dated after a season or two. But if you are classic with a dash of funky/edgy, these might work for all of time! I :heart: them!

    My second choice would be the Mannies. I mean, you don't get more classic than patent Mary Jane Mannies. These will take you thru all of eternity without looking dated. I think they can work with jeans too (with the right top or with a trouser cut dark rinse jean).