Help Me Find Bag Seen on Dirty Sexy Money!

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  1. I was watching "Dirty Sexy Money" last night (11/14), and the Zoe McLellan character (Lisa George, Nick's wife), had a bag that my fiance went CRAZY for, indicating that this bag or one similar might make a good Christmas gift.

    Did anybody watching happen to notice it? It is a shoulder bag, close to the body, shaped like a square/rectangle. The strap is round.

    Any help finding said bag would be highly appreciated.

  2. eeesh.

    what do you mean the strap is round?
  3. sort of sounds like an anna corinna city bag
  4. Looks more square, with a circular strap (which is studded) in the upper left hand corner of the bag...does that help? :smile:
  5. It reminded me of the bag Anne Hathaway wore in The Devil Wears Prada. I think it was designed by Patricia Fields... but I could be mistaken.

  6. does it sort of look like this?

  7. Yea... I was totally thinking that...

    There was a waaaay more expensive version of this bag, it was available on, but now it is not on there anymore.

    I believe the DWP movie bag was knocked off of this bag.

    for the life of me I cannot remember the name of the designer
  8. This one (don't know the name, though)?

  9. Wow! I was putting together some grainy, hard to distinguish the bag screen shots when you posted that last image - that's it!!

    Is there a name for this type of bag?
  10. I have been searching for this bag since I saw it on the show. I found one similar by from the "Devil Wears Prada" but it is not the same. Does anyone know the designer?
  11. did you have any luck finding the bag from "Dirty Sexy Money"????
  12. Have you had any luck finding this bag???? I haven't had any luck.
  13. I am still searching for the bag....HELP anyone.
  14. I am emailing from South Africa:wlae: and we are slightly behind with the Dirty Sexy Money series - I went mental when I saw the bag that "Lisa George" was carrying (the big square one, with the round corner handle) - did anyone manage to track it down ? I have a friend flying in from the States in 2 weeks time and would love to try and get it.