Help me find Aquamarine!!

  1. I'm new to Balenciaga, but I am quickly falling in love... and finding myself OBSESSED. lol. Can anyone help me find an Aquamarine bag out there? I like the Day, City, Part time bag styles... or anything else?!
  2. BalNY had Aqua in the twiggy, giant city, giant work, and giant part-time as of last thursday.
  3. Well now, that really surprises me ... did BalNY get another shipment in? I thought they sold out of giant aqua part times a long time ago.
  4. I'm not sure, but that's what Kim emailed me.
  5. When I called BalNY today they had a huge selection of S/S 07 colors in stock :yes:

    Sounds like they might have received another shipment :shrugs:
  6. Bal has nothing in Aquamarine with Regular HW- sorry
  7. As of last month, NM in King of Prussia had an aqua brief with GH.
  8. Thank you everyone! I just bought an Aquamarine Giant Part Time. I didn't want to pay that much, but its gorgeous... so I just took the dive. argh!
  9. I am sure your new aqua will be beautiful. Off topic, but I just moved away from Mercer Island!
  10. Oh thats too bad.. I'd love to have gotten together with you when you were here. :smile:
  11. Rreally BalNY got more shipment on S/S 07 colors? I must have call them tomorrow to find my Sandstone.
  12. I'm looking for an Aquamarine City too! Just called BalNY and they have no Aquamarine left :crybaby:.
  13. Are you looking for regular or GH? If you want regular City, they have them in. I just talked to them. :smile:
  14. I'll call them again in the morning. I called today around noon and spoke to some guy with an extremely thick accent who told me there is no Aqua in any city style available.

    I love lordguinny's RH one!!! Does anyone know if this is the same color as the NM 100th anniversary city with gunmetal hardware?
  15. Ask for Terry at BalNY... she is really nice and pretty patient. :smile: As for the NM 100th anniv. one... everyone "suspects" its the same, but with gunmetal hardware. I'm getting an Aqua GH PT. I'm looking forward to it. :smile: I love the way the Gold Hardware makes the bag so "bright." :smile: