Help me find Anthracite Day Please?

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  1. I sold my Plomb Day and I sort of miss it.... I'm looking for an Anthracite Day... Anyone know where I can find one? :smile:
  2. I remember there were quite a few tPFers searching for an AnthraDay with no go...sorry!! :sad:

    Apparently, RH AnthraDay was no where to be found, stores didn't even get them. But I think you can still find GH AnthraDay....
  3. Thanks tooshies... Nanaz told me that already... argh. Why oh why??? hahah. Well, I guess I'm just going to keep my AnthraPartTime now... I think.....
  4. Even if you aren't a big fan of GH - the GGH looks spectacular on the AnthraDay - of course I am bias...take a look:

    NM in Tysons may have one left, that's where I got mine.
    IMG_0342.jpg IMG_0345.jpg
  5. That looks gorgeous! I have soo many GHs right now.. I kind of want to go back to the "old school" look. hahaha.
  6. I know Balenciagas in Canada are more expensive, but just in case you're interested there are quite a few Anthracite Days at the Holt Renfrew stores here. I've been to both locations in the past two days and they do have both GH & RH in stock. Prices were $1200 I think, or around there..

    Bloor st. location : (416) 922-2333
    Yorkdale location: (416) 789-5377
  7. Actually I thought it was the Anthra Courier that was impossible to find. Was that the case with the Anthra day as well?
  8. are you POSITIVE that they were RH DAYs???? i thought they didn't make the anthra with RH in the DAY style. please tell me you are sure, please?! thanks!
  9. they don't make anthra RH? i thought it was anthracite though, what if it was plomb instead... but it was so blue-green, no hint of gray
  10. if the paper tag has a 3 after the year, then it's plomb. if there's a 1, it's anthra.

    if you have a chance to check it out, i would love to know...
  11. No one is answering the phone at Holts! :cursing:
    For sure both locations have the GH style, but as for the RH... I'm not sure anymore after what you told me.
    I'll keep checking though!
  12. that would be awesome if it was an anthra DAY with RH, even BalNY didn't get those in.

    i actually called the first number and the woman who answered seemed confused about what the DAY style was:confused1: she tried to describe what she had, but said the price was $1435!!! yikes, that's almost $500 more than retail in the states!!

    however, if it really is an anthraDAY, i would pay for it! not too sure i'd get the right one though:nogood:
  13. Yes.. they're not that knowledgeable at Holts. They kept insisting that no new colors will be coming out, that I had my sources wrong... :smash:
  14. I don't think they make anthraRHdays....
  15. $1435 doesn't sound right for a Day bag, since that's the price of the City.

    I've been calling and no one is answering the phone. I left a message and I'm waiting for them to return my call.

    Hopefully, it is the Antracite and not the Plomb in RH I saw. If not, sorry for the mistake!