Help me find an Oskar Waltz---pretty please

  1. If anyone hears,knows or sees one please send me a PM. Try not to post it here on the thread so it does not get snatched up. LOL:lol:

    I would greatly appreciate it.

    I am so jealous if Irene getting that great deal on ebay. So now I'm in search too. She's my LV hero

  2. ok..aren't you part of MP?

    I will keep my eyes and ears wide open..
  3. keep checking ebay! i'm sure one will show up one day. :yes:
  4. irene has one maybe she will be ok to sell it if you are lucky
  5. ^I really doubt Irene will sell it now! Wasn't that her dream bag? Anyways, if I see it, I will tell you! Just keep on searching, you will get it!
  6. Whatever you do, DO NOT bid on this auction!!! ALL of the pics are stolen from createurs*de*luxe[​IMG] auction!!! Plus, the seller is in Russia and not to insult my own kind but I doubt you'll ever see a bag or your money again!!!

    lmpsola, you are correct!!! I will NEVA part with my Oskar!!! It's my DREAM bag!!! I am waiting for Vuitton to top this one!!! IMO, one of the best looking bags EVER produced by LV!!!

    And speaking of createurs*de*luxe , I can't believe that they set their reserve higher than the actual retail price!!!:wtf: The bag is already at US$6300.00 and the reserve is still not met!!!:nuts:
  7. ^I know Irene! This is your dream bag! I remember when you got it you were so happy!
  8. you are right to keep it! it's a beauty!

  9. ^^^^Yep. Its was a SUPER high reserve. The auction ended and the reserve was not met. Still don't know what it was.

    That only makes me EVEN MORE jealous of the deal that you got Irene. :crybaby:
  10. Yes, it was a great deal (even though it wasn't cheap:sweatdrop:)!!! And trust me, I've searched high and low!!! All I have to say THANK God for BUY IT NOW option on eBay!!!:yes:

  11. ^^^:blah: :blah:

    Rub it in good why dont you. LOL :lol:

    Kidding. You know I luv ya Irene :lol:
  12. Thanks Irene..Yikes...
  13. The auction ended at over $6,600. Reserve not met :hysteric:
  14. Anyone ? :shrugs: