Help me find a wristlet?

  1. I'm looking for a wristlet-type bag to use when I don't want to carry a full-sized purse. I'd like one that's about pencil-case sized (and shaped), that's made of a silky material, preferably with a fun colorful pattern that's not too obnoxious. I'd like a barrel style, or at least one with rounded corners (nothing too boxy), and maybe some sweet rouching or other pretty details.

    I'm not a fan of monogrammed stuff, and I don't really feel to brand-conscious about this since it's just a small purchase thing, so I'd like to keep it under $50.

    Any ideas?
  2. i cant really think of any off the top of my head in the design that you mentioned besides lauren merkin eves which at full price are $180+, but marc jacobs has a whole bunch of moderately sized wristlets at the marc by marc jacobs store, but the designs are real simple - quilted in an array of colors, and you could choose btwn pvc or leather. on the website, its listed under "special items" and theyre cheap too! SO cheap!! (22 for PVC, 38 for leather i believe) theyre quilted in either PVC or leather. i bought 3 during labor day weekend LOL. they are slightly larger than the regular coach wristlets and much cheaper! they dont have annoying monograms either - just real simple things to carry your simple necessities!
  3. This might be too flat for you and at $68 it's a hair over your budget, but this Coach wristlet is cute:
  4. I love my Coach wristlets!
  5. Hi, I second mockinglee's suggestions. Lots of excellent bagmakers on Etsy, for example:











    Do you have any colour preference? Also, the suggestions might not be made of silk but I personally think they are cute, but they might not be to your taste.

    Also, armcandy designs this cute little bag:

  6. If some recommendations are way off, I apologize.


    Silk wristlet


    A silk wristlet that's not colourful but feminine:



    theeasthaven (ships from Singapore):


    meringueshop's wristlets are delicious (ships from Australia) - many examples, here are a couple:


  7. Oh my goodness, you guys are fantastic! These esty wristlets are perfect!

    soundjade: Thanks for the suggestions, those MJs are really cute, and I'd never seen lauren merkin before, who knew cork could be pretty?

    mockinglee/purseinsanity: I actually used to have a coach wristlet, but it got stolen (with my camera inside :mad:). So I do really like the style, I think I just want something less name brand this time.

    mockinglee/passerby: I definitely think I'm going to go with an esty, your recommendations are exactly what I'm looking for! I'm really drawn to the bamboo wristlet and summer floral one. I'll let you know what I go with!

    Thanks so much, all of you!
  8. I think those are a little too cutesy.