Help me find a white classic flap!

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  1. I can't seem to find this anywhere.. :crybaby:I'm desperately looking for a medium classic flap in white caviar with gold hardware. Please do help me out!
  2. I think it's not easy to find a gold hardware one....but I do see some with silver chain. Good luck!
  3. Yep, silver hardware ones are everywhere right now. Does anyone have a trusted SA they'd love to recommend? Please oh please. You know the bag that keeps you awake at night thinking about it? That's what this bag is doing to me.
  4. I saw one at holt renfrew in Vancouver
  5. Thank you very much! I hope the fees aren't too expensive to get it shipped here.. any others? Keep them coming! Preferably in the States so I don't rack up high bills calling long distance. =)
  6. Update on my search.. I've called Neiman, Saks, Bergdorf, Bloomingdales and Chanel boutiques. Not. a. single. one. AHHHH. *rips hair out in frustration*
  7. I foudn it in Holt Renfrew!!! Thank you fashionlover123! Guys this bag is not to be found in the States at all. The thing is, I don't know if I should get it considering customs duty is about 20-30% of the darn thing. OH. my gosh..