Help me find a weekend bag!

  1. I want a bag that can hold like 4-5 days' clothes, beauty products and maybe 1-3 pairs of extra shoes. But one that is still small enough to bring as hand luggage.

    I want the design to be quite clean, and I'd rather want it to be in good leather, but I still don't want to spend alot of money on it, so I guess it's ok if the quality is not the greatest, too.

    Suggestions? :smile:
  2. ^ Wow! That one's beautiful!
  3. Longchamp large bags are really great overnight bags...retails for like $132 and they're so light!
  4. I use a Lesport Sac. Super light weight, easy to keep clean and no worries about using the bag.
  5. LOL ThisIsMyPurse - looks like great minds think alike!
  6. Me too! And they are pretty affordable and come in tons of cute prints.