Help me find a way to fund this!

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  1. OK guys so i was at the fendi outlet and saw an amazingggg trunk suitcase, like the Louis Vuitton alzer. It sort of had a camo type look to it but it was amazing! I want it so bad! but im trying to think of a way to pay for it... Its $2,000.00 marked down from $5,400.00....

    $200 stocks
    $1,600 savings
    $100 cash
    $300 cash from mom

    I was thinking i could take out a loan from my dad since im 16. but the only thing is.... saving for a car. dads gonna get me a pile for my car but i was planning on saving and taking his cash to buy a nicer car, no job right now but a job in the summer that ill prob make 1 to 2 thousand... PLEASE HELP!!!
  2. As great as the suitcase sounds, would you really use it? I recommend that you keep saving for the car.
  3. i want it so bad though. :sad:
  4. If you have to take money from all of those different places, it probably isn't worth it.
  5. If you're drawn to beautiful and expensive things and aren't well funded, you pretty much have to start working on developing your planning and savings skills. Splurging on a luxury item when you can't afford it isn't so wise. Grow your aesthetics, but also your bank account.:smile:
  6. its so amazing to be surrounded by wealthy and influential women :smile:
  7. I'd recommend going to the other forum "Money Talks" to find ways to fund your bag. :smile:
  8. I know what it is like to want something so bad, but I have to agree if you are pulling money out of everything it isn't worth it. It is almost spring have your tried a yard sale? what about selling something you don't use on the bay or Craig's List. Good luck!
  9. ITA with the others.

    It is not worth going so broke for a suitcase. Plus at your age it is a good time to establish good money management skills and not live beyond your will have plenty of time to purchase expensive bags/suitcases when you are successful in your career and life and have the extra dough to spend on it. ;)

  10. Oh wow OP I didn't notice you were 16. it is great that you have such great taste, but it is so important that you save, and baglady is right--You have plenty of time. I am curious if you ended up getting it or not?

  11. I agree. There are so many items I want terribly bad, but I just started working again after a 2.5 month break (wasn't my choice) and am a college student. It is much better to save, especially if you're supposed to be saving for a car, you will get much more use out of that. save save save! :smile: who knows, maybe down the road you will find something you like even more!
  12. right - you would have the suitcase but no money left over to travel anywhere, lol
  13. no i did not... however, my mother bought me a white J12 :smile: