help me find a wallet!!

  1. I just bought my first Balenciaga bag yesterday and all I want to do is carry it from room to room. I love it!!!!! It's a delicious chocolate brown city with giant silver hardware. I can't bear to put my yucky old wallet in it; I must find a suitable wallet companion for my bag but have found none worthy of its splendor. was thinking something with a pop of color would be great. don't want to be too matchy. help me, sisters!
  2. brown sgh city is a gorgeous color and size to start with!! congrats and welcome to the dark side!!
  3. Welcome to the forum sister & congrats on your city bag!!! Please post pics if you can!!! For a wallet, I'd recommend the money wallet in tomato. Red wallets are just great! I also recommend vuitton wallets because they last forever!
  4. If you carry a lot of cash, go to with a Money!!!

  5. Post pics of your new city~!
  6. I just got the Money wallet to go with my city bag and I looove it. It's beautiful, smells yummy (I like to sniff it) :p, it's lighter than most wallets for the size, and sooo functional. I love how it opens accordian style almost, and you have easy access to all your cards and money. Perfect! Only issue might be that the leather may scratch up easily.
  7. I haven't thought of sniffing!! You're awesome! must try it to show it how much I love it. Will check out money! thanks!
  8. Try a Vert Gazon or Aquamarine Money...Both those colours look delish with chocolate
  9. I like how you said, "to start with"!!! True that! Future purchases do seem inevitable! I'm such a rookie but am willing to work hard to become a pro!
  10. aquamarine! yes! Where do you like to get yours?
  11. Ladies, I am SUCH a ROOKIE! I think I actually have a part time bag and not a city! I am so confused--it's so obvious that this is my first time. The more I look at this forum the more I think it's a part time choco with GSHW. embarrassing! Don't throw me out of da club!
  12. Hey - welcome to tPF and the Bbag forum! Congrats on your PT GSH!

    post some pics soon!
  13. i sniff my waallet too! :love:
    but yes i agree, it scratches waaaaaaay too easily. made me so sad because i tried so hard to take care of it.
  14. a tomato, jaune or paparika money or compagnon will be great choice and easy to find inside the black lining of Bbags!
  15. Saks in Boca Raton had an Aquamarine Money wallet as of yesterday and I think black and Sandstone, and Aquamarine, Rouge Vif, Blueberry and Black in the Real Coin wallet : ) 561 393 9100

    I have not found that my wallet has scratched, I Apple Garded it well before I started using it, so far, so good.

    I wish you well,

    Bridget <---- enabler : )