Help me find a wallet

  1. Specs:
    must be full size, like 7" or so
    prefer zip around as I want to carry it like a clutch sometimes
    to be used in paddys and balenciaga
    must not clash with whiskey, pewter, or red
    not too expensive

    The Isabella Fiore zip around wallet is "almost" perfect, except for the colors. I'm not sure the pool or rust would work. Thinking though....
  2. Hi sunspark, what do you think about Anuschka handpainted leather wallets/clutches? A few examples:

    1042 PS $105
    1043 RBP $105
    1042 AC $105
    1042 RLB $105
    1034 AC $105

    If you buy from, it's cheaper at $81-95 (a few styles available there)

    This Cleo & Patek is stylish (not sure if it's funky though :biggrin: ) - different two-tone colour selections available - off ebags
  3. Wow, those are really interesting. Do you have one Passerby? I want to know how the leather feels.
  4. Those are really pretty! I used to be obsessed with Dalmatians too.
  5. Sunspark, as I don't live in the US, I can't order lots of bags (good or bad?:biggrin: ) I do my shopping vicariously. However, I did ask on the TFS forum if anyone had bought an Anuschka and here's a reply:

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    Originally Posted by passerby
    Has anyone here bought Anuschka bags before? I think they look beautiful. Pics 1-3 off, 4-5 off

    I bought an Anuschka wallet for my aunt's birthday last week! [​IMG] They have wonderful quality for the price... the leather is really soft and supple and all the pictures are hand-painted. Definitely worth the money!! [​IMG]

    Lodis has some good-looking wallets - these can be found on
  6. THanks Passerby. I like animals, but am not so interested in Sydney. Love the Lodis! Have been thinking about the curved frame one. Where do you live? If you're in Canada, so am I. But close enough to the US border that I use it as my "second" addy.
  7. I live in Singapore, so for now at least :biggrin: my bag shopping is done in my imagination.

    Love the Lodis wallets as well.

    I asked another Canadian about Christopher Kon handbags - do you own any and if so, what's the quality like?
  8. I haven't actually bought one yet. I can't decide between International Hobo, Anuschka, and Lodis. I wish I could see it in person <sigh>.
  9. Yep, it helps in decision-making if you can see the wallet in person.

    Some months ago, Zappos had these three funky-looking Parcel Handbags clutches but they aren't available there anymore.
  10. A few more lovely Lodis wallets on Zappos:
    Lodis Impressionist Curved Double Frame - $151-95

    Has a detachable strap so this can be used as a wallet/clutch/shoulder bag :biggrin:
    Lodis Fantasy Theatre wallet - $148-95

    I think this is so pretty.
    Lodis Venetian Flowers Large Ballet Purse - $128-95
    If you haven't bought from Lodis before, you might wish to ask Leah411 who just bought a Lodis checkbook wallet.