Help me find a Violet Twiggy....

  1. Hello everyone,

    I'm looking for a violet/grape Twiggy. I'm on the list in BalNY but was told that my chances of getting one is slim to none since they didn't order that many twiggys. I'm also on the email notification at AR but I just want one now.

    Has anyone seen this bag in any other stores. If you have, please let me know. Many thanks!
  2. I called all over on Tuesday for a violet Twiggy. It appeared that no one had them in stock. When I called Barneys Chicago, I was told that Barneys is no longer going to have the Twiggy. (Go figure!) I put my name in at AR and was told when I called that they were hoping to get them soon. They may be your best bet!! Although it is so hard to wait....
  3. Thanks christirenee! It will be a mad dash to a fax machine once the email notification comes out.
  4. i think matches in london has one, give them a call 02072210255
  5. Thanks ladyisobel, but I already found one. :heart: to another TPFer who told me about it.
  6. no probs , glad you got one !