Help me find a turnlock in red pls?

  1. Does anyone know where i can find a red MJ turnlock in red? I don't want to buy from eBay... Thanks!
  2. Whcih style? the red was one of the first colors to sell out
  3. Turnlock Teri or Bowler? Once a while it does pop out online (not eBay), but firebird is a popular colour, it is hard to come by. And, those pop up at online store might be store return too.
  4. Either one... I really really want one. if it pops out, would you please pm me? Thanks!
  5. yes can you all help me find a marc jacobs turnlock bowler in blue or green? prettttyyyy please i will buy from eBay!
  6. Help me find the turnlock bowler too!--- any color will do especially black! THanks!
  7. Good luck...I went on eBay for months before finding my Firebird bowler. Besides the one I own, I have seen one Firebird Teri, and that was a couple months ago. It seems like the more time that passes, people will start selling them. Especially as we move into Spring and people want the newest bags- they'll start selling.
  8. porkchopz...i really really really love your Firebird bowler. i am going to check ebay every other day from now on!! ;)

    if anyone sees any Turnlock Bowler or Turnlock Tina, please please let me know~ thanks so much!!
  9. EEEK! RE-READ the rules for this website again before posting please!!!

    ^ The bowler and the tina you posted doesn't ship internationally :crybaby:

  10. kayelle, you are not allowed to solicit other members here unless you have been admitted to the Marketplaza - please re-read the Purse Forum rules. Thank you!
  11. ^ Sorry sorry sorry! I didn't know!

    Thanks for removing my message.