Help me find a Tote

  1. I am a graduate student and am in desperate need of a tote for school. My only requirements are that it is large enough to fit folders, notebooks, and daily essentials. I would also like it to be something that I can keep for a long time, and would like it to be designer.
  2. What is your price range? Do you have one?
  3. I don't really have a price range, but it would be great if i could get ideas from all price ranges.

  4. if your ocd about your bags like i am, you might be able to make mj fran work.
  5. or if you want to splurge maybe a chanel shopper?
  6. i was goona get the get the grand shopping for my freshmen year of highschool(last year).. but i got the LV vavin instead? i wanted one of the cabas's but they looked ridiculous on me
  7. longchamp or lesportsac?
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