Help me find a top filling humidifier

  1. I've been looking for WEEKS off and on for a good quality humidifier, hopefully one that isn't a drum spinning in stagnate water that can be filled from the TOP instead of having to carry heavy tanks and flipping them over.

    My MIL REALLY needs a humidifier, but she has osteoperosis so she cant carry these 2 gallon tanks. Even one gallon is pushing it to the limit.

    Any ideas??? Oh, and she's in an apt so she can't do the furnace humidifier.
  2. The only top filling humidifier I have seen is called:

    SuperAire Humidifier

    You can buy it at It is on sale for $149.95. It seems to have great features and I hope it might be what you are looking for.

    I just bought 3 different brand humidifiers about 3 weeks ago that you fill from the bottom---which work great for my family. I could already see a big difference in having them in the bedrooms.

    Good luck.
  3. When you say "fill from the bottom" do you mean you take a pitcher of water and pour it in? THIS is what we need. It just needs to be something where she can take small containers of water to fill a larger resevoir. She turns her heat up high because she's old and cold, but then the air is SUPER dry and then she gets other problems from that.

    I'll look at your other suggestion and then I'll be looking for your response! THANK YOU!
  4. The humidifiers I have are the regular ones that have the tank you fill at the sink from the bottom. These are not what you want for your MIL. What I was trying to say is the humidifiers made such a big difference in our house this winter.

    The one I posted for you-the line to SuperAireHumidifier is the one you need----it fills from the top. You just pour the water in so your MIL does not have to carry any part of the humidifier to fill it. I think it is a great humidifier.
  5. i'm happy to see this post!! i was needing one of these too! i hate the kind where you have to take the tank out and fill it.. they're such a pain and messy...
  6. Thank you! Looks like we then just need to make weekly trips to the store to get her distilled water because it doesn't recommend tap water. It's always something, right? UGH!
  7. Can you just get your MIL a case or two of small bottled water? This way she can just empty 3-4 bottles in as needed herself. I would think maybe every other day????
  8. That's what I was referring to. Not all bottled water is distilled, so I need to check on that, but getting that for her shouldn't be a problem since it's just winter months.