help me find a tan embossed hobo/tote?

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  1. Hi everybody!!

    I'm REALLY wanting a tan or beige embossed leather tote. I found a B Makowsky that I absolutely LOVE at TJ Maxx, but after reading about some really awful CS on other threads, I'm really hesitant.
    I'd love to get it, but it's a pretty good amount of money ( for me, ATM) to have such bad experiences should a quality problem arise.

    I want it to have silver HW, if I can find one.
    I really need the help, because I'm exhausted with my search. I like bags to kind of just land in my path, like the B Mak did today, but since I don't want to take a chance, I have to search for something else. I'm starting to want to just stop with it, but I knew if I asked, my tPFers would probably be able to help!!

    My ideal price is 100-150 ( seeing as I just quit my job and am still in school).
    I just want something that's gonna be durable, and won't crap out on me before I've gotten good use of it.

    THANKS so much!:nuts:
  2. Have you tried Tory Burch or Marc by Marc Jacobs?