Help me find a 'staple' designer bag.

  1. I'm looking for a 'staple' bag, one that goes with everything, I'm thinking either white/cream, beige or black. I want to be able to use it everyday, so I'm looking around a tote/shopper size. I want to be able to fit it on my shoulder and to zip close. I had my heart set on a Chloe Paddington Shopper but it doesn't zip up and some of the postrs here have said they've found the false bottom difficult.

    I'm willing to pay up to US$1.5k, but I'd prefer to stay around the US$1k mark.

  2. A classic black Balenciaga City bag. It has all the qualities that you want, it can be dressed up (tassles tucked in), or casual (tassles out). The leather is amazing, the bags are lightweight, and extremely addictive!
  3. Have you looked at Tods Restyled Quilted d-Bag? Very nice bag! It was the ad bag for the Spring 2007.
  4. I normally hang out in the Balenciaga forum and I saw this thread. I couldn't go past it! Why not come over to the Bal Forum and drool over the sumptious leathers and colours for a while? Bbags - especially the motorcycle & Giant Hardware (GH) range are spectacular. They ooze class and don't have logo's splashed all over the outside of the bags (Balenciaga doesn't need to). I hope you consider it!
  5. I've seen a few I like:

    One of the Marc Jacobs quilted line?
    YSL Muse
    YSL Downtown Tote
    YSL Uptown
    Alexander McQueens Novak
    YSL Tribute
    Bottega Veneta Anaconda Tote
    Anything Chloe really...................
  6. A Chanel Flap
  7. Any more suggestions?
  8. If you're willing to pay more, then I would suggest an Hermes Bolide. This bag will be with you FOREVER, it's a timeless classic. Very chic, very functional.
  9. 1. YSL Large Muse ==> $1,295
    2. Balenciaga City ==> $1,195
    3. LV Monogram Denim Neo Cabby MM in black ==> $1,500
  10. classic beyond classic is Hermes of course, but it's prices are above your budget. Go to prada, LV (please dont buy mono or MC, stick to the leather) or chanel if you dont want to stretch your budget. Cartier have some nice bags if you want to go a little out of the mainstream.
  11. Ok. Maybe my english is not well but I put staple in stapler, not purse. Maybe you lie to make trouble here with silly questions. Very shame for you ok?!

  12. Ummm, :confused1: wuh?! I said 'staple' as in wardrobe 'staples', clothes that will always be classic, something that will never go out of style.

    I've haven't been on this forum much, but I certainly hope I wont be attacked everytime I post here....:sad:
  13. Chanel
    Dooney Burke
    Dolce & Gabbana
    Cole Haan

    You can get a good "staple" bag with almost any designer. It's really just personal preference. Any designer bag you get will most likely require some type of care and maintenance and as long as you keep that up, you should be good to go. I wish you well with your handbag hunt.:smile:
  14. Right, Miss Amy, Balenciaga is a good choice. I'm always on LV or Chanel but recently I found my first Bal quite functional and I'm addicted to it already. Besides, the price of Bal is not as outrageous as some others. You search will lead you toward a nice bag, not a stapler. :yes:Best luck to you.
  15. i think balenciaga is a great everyday staple bag and if your willing to go a little extra chanel has lovely bags